WorkshopAll of these workshops are interactive, and geared for the average volunteer board member or staff person. Each participant receives a package including the slide show and relevant reference material. Sessions can be held for a single organization of 5 or 6 people, or for large groups of 100 or more with diverse interests. Each workshop can be tailored to fit different needs, circumstances and jurisdictions. Workshops vary in length from as short as 1 hour to as long as 3 hours. Topics can be combined for a full day of education.


1. The Legal Fundamentals of Serving as a Non-profit Director

This workshop examines the legal duties of directors, potential liabilities and ways to manage the risks. It includes a helpful checklist for directors to refer to as part of their due diligence.

2. Incorporating, Registering and Maintaining a Charity

This session provides all the basics needed to go from a good idea to a functioning charity.

3. Making sense of the new Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act

This can be a half day or a full day session on the details of this important new federal legislation.

4. Advocacy or “political activity” by Charities – what’s safe and what’s not

This workshop can be as short as an hour or as long as three hours, with some small group exercises added.

5. Charities and Entrepreneurship

This is a two hour session on the ”related business rules” that apply to charities.

6. Community Economic Development by Charities

This workshop examines the relevant CRA administrative policy in some detail.

7. Receipting and other compliance issues for charities

This is a three hour workshop.  

8. Risk Management for Charities and Non-profits 

This is a two hour session.

9. How Canadian Charities Can Work Internationally

This workshop examines the practices that will help keep charities working overseas out of trouble, and it flags the potential pitfalls.

10. Planned Giving – Strategies for Charities

This session introduces charities to the various ways donors can makes gifts to them, and provides advice on designing a planned giving campaign to meet their needs.

11. Giving – an Introduction for Donors

This session is intended for potential donors. It explains the tax consequences of gifts to charities and options for leaving a legacy.

12. What is “Charity” in Canada?

This workshop starts with the Statute of Elizabeth, 1601, and moves quickly to present day Canada to identify what is and what is not “charity” in Canada. It also looks at the new definition of charity in the UK. 

13. Charity or non-profit – What’s the difference?

There is quite a bit of confusion on this topic, and this short session brings clarity.

Other topics relating to charities and non-profits can be addressed on request. Please contact me to discuss how I can help your organization.

Here is some of the participant feedback from a workshop in Kentville, Nova Scotia

  • Should be mandatory for all new directors
  • Excellent presentation on relevant information for non-profits and charities
  •  Very well presented, the right level of detail with lots of web references.
  • It is important that people involved in charities are knowledgeable about their legal liabilities associated with their volunteer work.
  • Excellent information; excellent presentation of material.
  • Excellent coverage.  Richard was very knowledgeable about his answers. about this.
  • Speaker was knowledgeable and anecdotes to make the material interesting.
  • Very relevant information for anyone involved in non-profits and charities.
  • Great info for any organization.
  • It highlights to a volunteer where you may shine and where you may fail!
  • The content is very pertinent and well explained.
  • I would like more members from my organization to attend!
  • It was very informative.
  • Excellent info that non-profits and charities need to know.
  • Everyone that is in a volunteer organization should attend.
  • Some great explanations of rather dry and complicated material.
  • Mr Bridge did an excellent job; great presentation skills of subject and knowledge; I enjoyed, learned and would recommend.